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Africa Project 2017

I am excited to share with you a very special opportunity I have really soon. During 2 weeks in October, from the 7th until 21st, I will be leading a missionary trip to Kenya, Africa. My desire for this trip is to help Pastor Peter Obonyo, who is in charge of several churches in different regions, and support his work with more than 4,000 orphans. The idea is to teach them how to share the Gospel making sure people understand that it is not by works—only the gift of grace can give us salvation. In addition, the plan is to help feed the kids in Africa and to support the construction of a Tree House for homeless children. We will continue our work of telling others about Jesus in partnership with churches and groups in other regions like Dala, Ugunja, Siaya and County. I have been going on mission trips around South America for over 6 years working with Called2tell and that has made me realize the necessity to support those in need. Now I need your help in two ways. You can be our prayer cover now as we plan and prepare, as well as when we are on the ground proclaiming Jesus. In addition, it is obvious that we could not do what we do or go where we are going without strong financial support. Would you join us in battle and support us for these weeks in Africa? You can send gifts using this Support Form—just print and follow the easy instructions. Thank you so much for your faithful support! Your friend Andrés

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