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Called2Tell's continued desire is to impart to other believers a passion and method for

sharing the Gospel of Jesus Christ in their own neighborhoods, parks, schools, prisons, or

wherever God guides them.


Called2Tell (Called to Tell) is a

Christian organization whose mission

and objective is to share the Gospel of Jesus Christ, and to make disciples in Colombia and around the world.


Our method of evangelization is personal and involves sharing the Gospel of Jesus Christ one-on-one and in groups. Our main tool is the Word of God - only the Word of God has the power to change the

lives of people.


Called2Tell teams use the illustrated EvangeCube as an attraction and a

tract to guide through the verses

of Scripture. This ensures that our message is coherent and faithful

to the revealed Word of God.


Called2Tell works with the churches to train their members in this method of evangelization
through the Word of God, the EvangeCube and a tract. Then, we go out with our brothers and sisters in the faith in small groups to share the good news as God guides us. After sharing it is a pleasure to rejoice with the church in what the Lord has done. We leave materials with the church so that they can keep on telling others about salvation in Jesus.

Our desire, width God’s guidance, is to continue expanding this ministry to other areas of Colombia  and Latin America. We count as a blessing and honor to work side by side with your church to encourage the people of God In the work of evangelism.

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